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In My Anoka Country Garden is the result after a disastrous first attempt at gardening in the sandy soil of Bev Burke's Anoka Country home, the author took up the challenge with a vengence and spent the following winter months delving into books on gardening, consulting the experts, and ploting her spring garden creation. This Country Garden Book is the results of her work.

"When I learned the Burke's were considering moving North to the Ham Lake area of Anoka County I was surprised. I knew Bev's goals included developing gardens around her home. Beautiful gardens depend on the soil from which to grow. The sandy soil and shade filtration presented intense challenges. Fortunately she recognized early that the native soil needed to be amended with compost and fertilizer. Bev mastered her hobby of gardening as evidenced with more than two dozen pictures taken in her yard. I encourage one to read the words written under each picture. Every time that I look back at the pictures, I want to try new things in my own gardens. I encourage readers to visit and revisit her gardens in pictures and the discussion that she has made possible." 

Don Untiedt, Master Gardener Program at Iowa State

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From STORMS in the Northland

The heart of a teenager from a middle class family admired the trappings of wealth of a church member while caring for the children of Richard and Marjorie Leroy Congdon in the nursery of her church. With maturity, she realized the woman she called her "guardian angel", and whom she always adored and respected, was actually evil. She spent much time and research on the history of this popular, well known Glensheen Mansion, on the Shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota and made the final decision that money doesn't always buy peace.

Two Old Lady's Adventure!

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The Book "In My Anoka Country Garden” has approximately 32 colored, full page illustrations of reasonably designated garden areas, use of rocks as fitting to the rustic wooded area we live in. The use of landscaping timbers, along with the rocks, forming a three tiered pyramid rising on a hill to pick up sun rays and height. Giving you many ideas for flowers that bloom well in the ground that is not nutritious for planting. This little book is meant to be inspirational and educational and help new or inexperienced gardeners grow beautiful, pleasing to the eye, gardens. Buy yours Now